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Life Insurance Calculator
Find out how much life insurance you need, below:

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(NZ average is $8,800)
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Life Insurance in Less than 8 Minutes

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Mortgage Supply Hobsonville is proud to bring you their “one stop online insurance shop”, where you can insure just about everything from your life to your boat.

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This insurance cover is designed to lessen the financial strain on the loved ones you leave behind in the event of your death. The lump sum payment may help them pay for immediate costs such as your funeral, and other costs such as daily bills or paying off bank loans. Find out more...

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Trauma insurance

Based on this cover amount you could add Trauma insurance from as little as $30.00.

Trauma insurance

Trauma cover provides you with a one off lump sum payment to reduce the strain both financially and emotionally of dealing with a serious illness or injury (the defined conditions are outlined in the policy document). Find out more...

Your Trauma Premium
Total Monthly Premium:

  * By answering "No", you are confirming that you have not smoked any form of tobacco product in the last 12 months
** This premium is indicative only and may vary slightly (by a few cents) due to rounding

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New Zealand's largest locally owned and operated life insurance and investment company.

Life Cover

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Trauma Cover - Accelerated

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Mortgage Protection insurance

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General Insurance

TOWER has over 140 years of helping New Zealanders protect and grow the things they value.

Car insurance

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Cat Insurance

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Dog Insurance

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Horse Insurance

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Travel insurance

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Boat insurance

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Farm and Lifestyle Block insurance

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Business insurance

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Commercial Vehicle insurance

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House and Contents insurance

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Why insure your life with Mortgage Supply Hobsonville?

Instant quote and cover:

  • Get your policy in your inbox in less than 8 minutes if you fall within the underwriting criteria.
  • Our website is simple, seamless, paper and signature-free!
  • Life cover starts for as little as $20.37 per month and you can extend coverage up to $1 million.

Trusted Companies:

  • Mortgage Supply Hobsonville's Risk Insurance products (purchased through this site) are underwritten by Fidelity Life, New Zealand's largest locally-owned and operated Life Insurance company.
  • Fidelity Life has an A- (Excellent) credit rating from A.M. Best. The rating has remained unchanged since December 1996.
  • Your personal details in this website are encrypted and secure.